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Coronary Heart Disease By Laura Boland

By at February 22, 2012 | 7:03 am | 3 Comments

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the number one leading cause of death in the United States in both men and women. The coronary arteries are responsible for bring oxygen and blood to the heart. This disease is caused by a build up of plaque and other substances that form a blockage in your artery, causing it to narrow and slow down or completely cut off the flow of oxygen more...

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By at January 14, 2012 | 7:54 am | 0 Comment

Eight out of every 1000 newborns arrive with mild to severe congenital heart defects. These defects are abnormalities in the heart’s structure that are present at birth, which develops during the earlier weeks of pregnancy. Some are related to genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, but the cause of most congenital disorders is unknown. These disorders cannot be more...

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Cardiovascular Disease by Rachel Askins

By at December 26, 2011 | 6:10 am | 2 Comments

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is preventable and reversible, yet it is still the leading cause of death in the world today. Many people do not realize the severity of this disease, nor do they realize that the prevention is much associated with the way society lives daily life. Each and every day men and women of all races and ethnicities fall victim to this disease. It is more...

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Blood Flow Through the Heart by Karissa Willard

By at December 17, 2011 | 11:46 am | 0 Comment

The heart is an integral muscular organ and a vital part of the human cardiovascular system. It provides the human body with a continuous flow of blood, which in turn provides cells with a continuous circulation of oxygen, nutrients, and transports waste away from those same cells. Blood cells, specifically red blood cells are the actual vehicles providing this life more...

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Left Ventricular Hypertrophy by Megan Canada

By at December 16, 2011 | 8:39 am | 0 Comment

Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is an enlargement of the muscle that surrounds the wall of the left ventricle. The left ventricle is the main chamber that pumps blood out into your entire body, making this chamber work harder to begin with. Causes: Left ventricular hypertrophy is caused when the heart is running in overload all the time. This is mostly caused by more...

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