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Healthcare Providers on ACLS-BLS St. Louis

"Best BLS CPR in St. Louis"

Nurses RN’s and LPN’s, Student Nurses, Medical Students, Doctors, EMTs, Firefighters, Dentists, Paramedics, Nurse Practitioners, Dental Hygienists, and other St. Louis Healthcare Providers on their advanced CPR class (Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support) experience with ACLS-BLS St. Louis.


Hear the Experiences!

“The Best Instructor I have had in my healthcare career. She was smart, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. I loved the small class and felt the info given was pertinent and to the point. Overall, this was an excellent BLS and ACLS recert experience. I would recommend to others. Thanks.” Katie Faletti, Physican Assistant

ACLS-BLS St. Louis is dedicated to provide the best BLS classes and ACLS classes in St. Louis.

“The class moved quickly and efficiently. Loved it!”Gina Settle, RN, BSN


“Very interactive and hands on!!! I enjoyed listening…articulates well!”Farah Bess, NP

https://aclsstlouis.comSt. Louis CPR for healthcare professionals.

“Excellent!” Cynthia M Eaton, RN

ACLS Certification Classes in St. Louis

“I loved this class! I just recently took another CPR class and this one was 10x better. The small class size made it more personable. The instructor was great and made the class a lot of fun, and made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend people to come here for any CPR class. Thank you so much.” Jennifer Meridith, Nursing Student

"Fun and Fast ACLS class"

“Kim was welcoming and reassuring to all of us (there were 2 nurses who had not worked in nursing for a long period of time – one who worked with chemotherapy patients and one who was a new nursing student). She presented the material so we all understood the AHA guidelines.” Helen Andert, RN, Manchester MO

“It was a great small group atmosphere. Wonderful for learning. Instructor was great at teaching all the CPR techniques.” Maria Laux, BSN

“Very clear. Good participation, small group and very personable. I will recommend this course.” Maria Reiter, Nurse

“Very friendly envirnment to renew BLS certification.” Jacob Dixon, Florissant MO

“Very helpful. The small class sizes helped a lot and gave you more one-on-one time. Signing up for the class was also very easy. Instructors was very nice and friendly.” Trish Krauska, Wildwood Missouri

“The class was very well organized and material presented excellently. Great Job!” Scott Jones, M.D. Neurophysiologist, Arnold MO

“Clear, concise instructions were given by the (CPR/BLS) instructor. The class was a great refresher.” Jane Ritter, RN

“I was very pleased w/ my experience at ST. Louis ACLS-BLS. Registration was easily taken care of over the phone. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and personable. I would absolutely recommend St. Louis ACLS-BLS to anyone.” Adrian Martinez, Volunteer FF/Paramedic

“Well organized – focused on updates and changes. Provided rationale for the guidelines. I received excellent feedback. I needed a quick ACLS course, so this was very convenient and helpful!” Andrew Stein, FF/Paramedic/RN

“The instructor is very knowledgeable. This is my 1st time taking ACLS course. However, I’ve learned a lot today and feel that this class helps me to know my weakness and so I can learn and explore my ACLS skills so I can deliver excellent patient care in a critical time. Thank you!” Kaitlyn Nguyen, RN

Basic Life Support BLS | a.k.a. CPR for healthcare providers | Saint Louis

"Terrific Hands-On Training"

“Very personable, hands on BLS class. I liked that I was able to learn from both the instructor and my partner. I liked how the instructor stated both the “old” AHA guidelines and then the “new” updated AHA guidelines. Answered all questions knowledgeably. Great Job!” Katie Meier


“Upon contacting the center about the renewal ACLS class, they were both accomodating and professional. The class was very informative, yet relaxed. Kim is an excellent instructor who knows her info and does very well at teaching, explaining, and presenting.”Mary Palmer, RN Clinical Manager

“The class was a great refresher. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The instructor answered my e-mail questions very quickly and thoroughly.”Heather Moran, RN

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Classes in St. Louis Missouri

“Instructor was great at applying appropriate scenarious for the skill mix of people in the class!”Holly Wiesehan, RN

“Excellent course! The instructor was fantastic and made the course fun and easy to follow.”Nikitsha Bond, Registered Nurse

Saint Louis ACLS and BLS Classes

“Positive. Taking a lot of information and presenting all in a compact concise way.”Merry Kay Montgomery, RN ClinicalManager

"This BLS class Rocks"

“The instructor was great about getting the educational material to be understood. You can tell that the instructor enjoys teaching this course and making sure that you (the individual) do understand the material.”Pamela Massey, CMT

“The class was very well carried. It was very easy to understand how to do CPR in an excited, fun way. For sure I will remember all the steps I have to take much more easily now.” Ana Paula F. Elliott, RN

“Clear, simple explanations. Goal was to educate effectively. Absolutely comfortable setting where questions were welcome. Thank you.” Deb Grabanski, LPN

“Great experience. Small class ensured personal attention and enhanced learning. Very professional, informative, and courteous.” Mishelle White, Nursing Student

“Very nice experience!” Melissa Fischer, NP Student, St. Charles, MO

“Great program. Great instructor.” Lou Mastrian, optometrist

“Excellent Communicator. Provided information clearly. Repitition working as a class helped me to reinforce learning.” Maggie Mastrian, optometrist

“Instructor made very efficicient use of our time. She did a great job of updating us of ACLS changes and made class fun.” Dominic Sanford, M.D. Surgical Fellow

“Excellent, pertinent information. Frequent classes and availability was appreciated.” Kim Terry, RN Benton IL



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