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Before You Buy an ACLS or BLS Class
(2 minute video could save you time and money.)

You must BEWARE of Online ACLS Classes and Online BLS Classes.

The American Heart Association DOES NOT grant an AHA approved ACLS or BLS wallet card for any exclusive online classes. At the minimum, the AHA requires an in-person skills test before they will approve the granting of an ACLS or BLS card.

You will only find this information if you READ CAREFULLY  on the websites that offer online classes. Often you will have to read the TERMS and CONDITIONS link at the very bottom of their websites to find this information. Although there are some AHA approved online classes (which still require an in-person skills test after the completion of the online portion), many of the online classes you will find advertised on Google, Yahoo, etc are NOT APPROVED by the American Heart Association.

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT YOU? Most employors will not recognize an ACLS or BLS card that is not granted by the American Heart Association. You will WASTE YOUR MONEY by buying these courses that are not AHA Approved.

The American Heart Association will only grant a legitimate AHA ACLS or BLS card when an individual completes an AHA approved course with the minimum of an in-person skills test.

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