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What is ACLS Certification?

ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. It is an advanced course that teaches the importance of team communication and systems for immediate, as well as the post, cardiac arrest care. Managing airways, initiating IV’s, reading ECG’s, and understanding emergency pharmacology is required. Because of this, only qualified health care providers such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, nurse practicioners, and other highly trained health care providers can provide ACLS. As with Basic Life Support (BLS) training, ACLS certification in St. Louis includes CPR and defibrillation with AED machine training. How to Get ACLS Certification. First it is imperative that you receive American Heart Association ACLS certification. Most employers will not accept any other ACLS certification class.

ACLS Class, St. Louis


Get ACLS Certified in ONE DAY!
Hands-On and StressFree.

  • -Make Yourself More Marketable in a Competitive Job Market. Don’t Risk Being Overlooked for a Job.
  • -Increase Your Value in the Workplace = Earn More Money!
  • -Learn in a Hands-On Environment!
  • -Stress-Free CPR and Megacode.
  • -Invest in YOU!
  • See ACLS Class Agenda


All Inclusive One Day ACLS Certification Includes:

  • -Complete ACLS cognitive and skills tests provider course *included ($297)
  • -2 year American Heart Association ACLS Wallet Card *included ($10)
  • -Course Site & Registration Fee *included ($40)
  • -American Heart Association Instructor Fee *included
  • -Required ACLS AHA Manual and Materials *included ($53)
  • -FREE SHIPPING ACLS Manual and Materials *included ($9)


Truly an All-Inclusive Package that allows you to Certify in ONE DAY!


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