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PEARS Class, St. Louis

Need a PEARS Class in St. Louis?

Pears Class, St. Louis MO

PEARS stands for Pediatric, Emergency, Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization. This course is intended for any healthcare provider who may encounter seriously ill children and infants. At the core of this training includes pediatric assessment and the recognition and management of respiratory problems, shock, and cardiac arrest in critically ill children and infants.

This course is designed to improve the quality of pediatric care that ultimately results in improved outcomes. Healthcare providers such as medical and surgical nurses, school nurses, emergency medical technicians, physicians and nurses not specializing in pediatrics, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, respiratory therapists, paramedics, and other medical professionals who may see a critical pediatric case, although not routinely, are encouraged to take this training. EMS providers can also earn six American Heart Association approved Continuing Education Hours (CEH) for this PEARS course.


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All Inclusive PEARS Class Includes:

  • 2 Year AHA PEARS Provider Card (included)
  • Complete PEARS Certification Class w/ PEARS skills test (included)
  • Course Registration Fee (included)
  • PEARS Course Site Fee (included)
  • American Heart Association Instructor Fee (included)
  • *Required AHA PEARS Manual (included) – limited time special
  • *FREE SHIPPING AHA PEARS Manual (included) – limited time special


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All PEARS Classes at CPR St. Louis are taught by experienced American Heart Association instructors that are certified to teach Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

At the successful completion of this course you will receive a 2 Year AHA PEARS (Pediatric, Emergency, Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization) Provider Card.