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Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Best AED Defibrillator


How to Choose the Best Defibrillator

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There are 3 Types of Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s). All of them will talk you through an emergency situation. All AED’s will evaluate the heart rhythm, and then provide step by step directions of when to give CPR and when to administer a shock. As long as you are using a High Quality AED / Defibrillator, you can increase the effectiveness of life saving CPR.


Learn How to Choose the Best AED for Your Situation…

√  From Experts that teach American Heart Association CPR and Advanced Life Support

√  From a Company that provides Personal AED Training & Superior Customer Service!


Most Important Factors When Choosing an AED are…

√  Who Is Going To Be Using It?

√  Where Is It Going To Be Used?


It’s All About What is BEST For YOU!
*Based on these Answers YOU will be able to determine which AED is Best for Your Situation.

Best AED



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Defibrillator AED Types





Situation #1 – If You…

    • Are Not a Healthcare Provider (Although Can Be Used by Healthcare Providers)
    • Are Looking for Simple To Use
    • Want a Very High Quality AED (Most Advanced Treatment for Cardiac Emergencies)
    • Are Looking for the Most Affordable Basic Model
    • Don’t Want Expensive Upkeep (comes with long-lasting 5 year battery)
    • Are Currently Budget Conscious
    • Looking for an Easy-To-Store Unit (requires very little space)
    • Need an AED That Will Be Used by:The General Public, Schools, Corporations, Gyms & Healthclubs, Personal Home Use, Hospitality, Corporations, etc.

  Then You Need…  The LifeLine AED green-checkmark


LifeLine AED Defibrillator

The LifeLine AED is so simple anyone even without a medical background can use it effectively.  But, most importantly it still includes all the critical features necessary to provide the most advanced treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

 Low Maintenance
 High Quality
 Click Here for LifeLine AED Details


Situation #2 If You…

  • Are Looking for an AED for Either Healthcare and/or Non-Healthcare Providers
  • Would Like A Personal Coach at Your Side (Helps Assure Reliable CPR Rescue)
  • Would Like Amazing Full Color Interactive Video
  • Need Easy Upgrades as Medical Protocols Change
  • Need an AED That Will Be Used by: Doctor’s Office, Surgery Center, Dentist Office, Police, Firefighter, Paramedic, EMT, Medical Professionals, Chiropractic Office, Therapists, Rehab Centers, Any Medical Office, Schools, Daycare, Corporate Offices, etc.

Then You Need…  The LifeLine View green-checkmark


LifeLine VIEW Defibrillator

The LifeLine View is ideal for ALL Users whether you are an experienced healthcare provider or a novice with absolutely no medical background. The Interactive Step-by-Step Full Color Video instantly removes any question or hesitation one might experience during an emergency rescue. This AED marries amazing video technology with life saving protocols providing for the most successful emergency outcome.


  Perfect for Healthcare Providers and Non-Healthcare Providers
  Amazing Interactive Full Color Video During Rescue
 Simple to Use
  Easy To Upgrade, Maintain, and Store
 Click Here for LifeLine VIEW Details


Situation #3 If You…

  • Are a Professional Responder
  • Want Full Manual Capabilities with Full Manual Control Over Shock Energy and Shock Delivery
  • Require Durability and Easy Maintenance
  • Need to View ECG While in AED Mode
  • Want Award Winning Ergonomic Design, Bolstered by Full-Motion Interactive Color Video
  • Want Ability to Switch Rescue Protocols to Deliver Emergency Care Your Way!
  • Want Compact, Portable & Lightweight (under 3 pounds!)
  • Want Easy Maintenance
  • Need a Status Screen with Up To The Minute Information on Maintenance 

Then You Need… The LifeLine PRO green-checkmark


LifeLine PRO DefibrillatorThe LifeLine Pro is a Must Have for the Professional Responder!

 Full Manual Control
 ECG is Clearly Displayed, Large & Brightly Lit on High-Resolution Color Screen
 Durable and Easy to Carry
 Easy Maintenance
 Click Here for LifeLine PRO Details



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