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The most efficient and pleasant re-certification process I have done”. Denise Janosik, Physician

“I have never attended an ACLS class anywhere but my own hospital environment the 21 years as a paramedic. I was very nervous coming here but Kim immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome when I walked in. The class was great and I am glad I was able to experience ACLS here. The staff who registered me on the phone were also very helpful and pleasant.” Sally Triplett, Paramedic

Kim was great at answering all questions and providing a stress-free Megacode. Stephanie Roseboom, Nurse Practitioner

"Hands-On and Stress-Free"

“Friendly, efficient instruction; instructively helpful and knowledgeable and encouraged questions.” Richard Kyle Buchman, Resident Physician

“Excellent Instructor. Very patient. Delivers information clearly and was very professional” Donna West, RN

“Wonderful hands on experience. It really helped that we were constantly hands on and the instructor was very helpful and encouraging.” Heidi Heitgerd, Nursing Student

“Wonderful instructor! She explained all steps well and answered all questions. I feel like I can act well in a code when it happens.” Kimberly Young, LPN

“Kimberly was an excellent instructor. The session was informative and educational. I learned a great deal.” Joseph Broudy, Interventional Radiology

“The best BLS class I have taken. The instructor was great and very knowledgeable. The class was very laid-back and stress free. I highly recommend!” Mary Hamid, M.D., Internist

“Good basic instruction for a pharmacist; such as placement of leads.” Kathy McNamara, Pharmacist

“The instructor was very helpful and knew her materials well.” Kenan Sahbar, Nursing Student

“Excellent and efficient and enjoyable. Best BLS/ACLS Class I’ve ever had” James Sagar, MD

“Instructor knew her material and information. She was very hands on. She answered questions, went over material, and made the class enjoyable. The class was very fun to participate in.” Catherine Herbst, Nursing Student

"Organized, Fast, and Easy to Learn"

“Kimberly was amazing, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful! I would definitely recommend this to others. Great Job!” Dimyana Abdelmalek, PGY1 Resident

“Very relaxed environment. Instructor was great. Enjoyed taking this class for the first time.” Stephanie Ellison, RN

“This course provided superb instruction in an intimate setting allowing for proper learning of skills from the instructor with constructive feedback. Thanks!” Eric Wittrock, Resident Physician

“Great Price! Convenient for my schedule. I would recommend to other health care professionals. Kimberly was an excellent instructor.” Ebony Fischer, RN

"Great Relief from Frustrating Online Classes"

“Kimberly made the whole class fun and easy to learn” Robert Morgan, MSN

“I feel this is a much more interactive and relaxed way than the computerized CD for learning ACLS and BLS. I enjoyed it and have learned a lot.” Sunita Dharmavarapu, MD, Anesthesiologist

“Enjoyable and informative. Thanks!” Keerthi Akkineni, Medical Resident

“I took the skills check-off with Kimberly after doing Part 1 BLS online. Kimberly was very good and very knowledgeable. I have taken this class in a classroom before and wanted to try on-line with skills check off. I was very satisfied with this method and instructor and will definitely use them again.” Bonnie Adams, PCT Paramedic

“Kimberly was extremely knowledgeable with the material & algorithms.” Steve Oom, R.N.

“Very good at teaching the class, very informative on the phone and the classroom.Enjoyed the program.” Dorothy Mueller, Medical Assistant

“I learned a lot. The instructor was very patient and knowledgeable.” Tammy Grisby, R.N.

“Kimberly was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable. Made the class fun.” Shelly Ryba, L.P.N.

“Short, Sweet, and to the point. Adequate prep time and practice time. Test covered material given; all objectives met. Instructor knowledgeable and well prepared.” Andrew Wertin, RN Nursing Instructor

“In depth instruction in a relaxed atmosphere.” Mary Rauss, EMT 

"Great 1st Time BLS Experience"

“Kim, the instructor, was wonderful. Information was presented clearly and there was time to practice the techniques.” Jessica Avant, Nursing Student

“The course material was focused and well presented. The practical experience was very helpful.” Bob Fischer, Student

“The instructor was very nice and knowledgeable about what she was teaching. She made sure to ask if anyone had questions and always answered them thoroughly. The way she taught made it very easy to learn.” Liz Jaeger, Nursing Student

“Instructor was well organized and well informed. Her hands-on training was very effective.” Dale Barker, RN

“Personalized, not too many people in class, and best of all was the repeating of key information during whole class.” Barbara Green, RN

“Great class and great instructor!” Melissa Kinney RPSGT

 “The website I signed up for was easy to use. There were plenty of available course dates. I took a class only 2 days after I dound the wesite. Kimberly the BLS instructor was great. She was patient and thorough with the hands on part and with the video. The small group size made it easy and had the no pressure atmosphere.” Nichole Martin, RN

“Informative, mentoring, and pleasant.” Richard Wilbur, Dentist

“Went smoothly, kept the pace going with all the students. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and amazingly the instructor was able to provide new and useful information. I’ll be back in 2 years!” Laura Spelbring, CT Tech

"Stress-Free, Relaxed & Fast. Perfect!

“I really thought this was a good course. Good review.” Ashley Piros, RN

“Great class. informative, useful information, tool & tips. Instruction presents in a clear and concise manner, easy to understand and answers questions thoroughly. Length of time is appropriate and helpful.” Christina Goldstein, COTA

“This was a great refresher course. It was efficiently run and interactive. I was able to learn faster and easier with hands-on scenarious.” Cherady Hawkins, DO

“The class was fun and fast! The instructor knew how to answer our questions and stuck with us till we had it. Wonderful course.” Zach Monts, Student

“Class was very instructive. Kimberly gave the information in a clear, concise way that made it easy to retain. She explained the reasoning behind all of the steps. I especially appreciated her sharing her professional experiences with us.” Francesca Loyet, Maryville, Nursing Student

“I loved the hands on demonstrations and group activities versus watching videos. The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class upbeat and exciting.” Charissa Nelson, Student

“Very educational, fun and informative. Instructor very good and makes learning fun.” Annie Jennings, CRNA

“The class was really informative and efficient. Knowledgeable instructor and small group setting made for a good experience.” Brandon Williams, Physician

“Kim is great! Class was small so individual attention was great. She was always concerned w/ our understanding, but moved on as we mastered the material. Great flow of the class. 🙂 Trisha Imbler, Nursing Student

“The instructors were both great. They were informative, to the point, helpful, and dedicated to making sure we knew what to do in every scenario. I feel prepared! Thank you.” Lindsay Lachky, Nursing Student

“Very hands-on and helpful. I feel ready for a real-world situation. Thanks!” Krishna Kumar, Student

“Fast-paced and informative. Comfortable atmosphere and knowledeable staff.” Kristiana Lazarova, Student

“Very informative and fun!” Emily Miller, Nursing Student

“They were great! Answered all my question. This was a wonderful learning experience. Thanks so much!” Karen Russell, Student

Relaxed & Hands-On. Awesome Class!

“Excellent Class. Direct and to the point instruction. Knowledgeable teachers. Great class all should be taught like this.” Matt Price, Nursing Student

“Great refresher class.” Stacy Fischer, LPN

“Loved how hands-on the class was and the instructor was very knowledgeable.” Kristen, RN

The class dates were flexible, rates reasonable, and instructor very qualified.” Joseph D. Puff, RN




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