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*Reminder Regarding Manual: The American Heart Association requires that every student has an AHA Manual at the time of class. If you didn’t order a book with us, make sure you bring one to class. If you arrive to class without the required manual, your instructor will assist you with purchasing one before the class begins. Please note 1st Time ACLS and 1st Time PALS classes include the manual.

*SHIPPING of Books: ACLS and PALS Books will be shipped FREE of charge to the address you provided. If there is not sufficient time for the manual to be shipped  before the class begins, you will be able to pick up your manual the day of class. BLS and HeartSaver CPR and First Aid books will be waiting for you at time of class.



63 National Way Shopping Center
St. Louis, MO 63011




BLS Class- 3.5-4 hours

ACLS Renew- 6-8 hours

BLS/ACLS Renew- 6-8 hours

PALS Renew- 5-6 hours

Heartsaver CPR AED- 2.5 hours

Heartsaver CPR First Aid Combo- 5-6 hours

First Time ACLS- 8-10 hours

First Time PALS- 10-12 hours



There are NO REFUNDS for classes that were purchased and scheduled.


You may reschedule a class, if necessary, by emailing [email protected] with that request before your scheduled class. If we do not receive a request from you prior to your class, we do not offer a refund and you may not reschedule. If you do not pass the course, we will allow you to study the materials and reschedule for a future class. We allow this as a courtesy one time only. If you are not successful on the second try, you will have to purchase the class again.

*Skills Check Policy: If you fail to show up for a scheduled skills check you will be charged a $50 instructor fee in order to reschedule.


If you lose your card after class, there is a $15 replacement cost. If you purchased card insurance, you are eligible for up to 2 FREE replacement cards. To request a replacement card simply email us at [email protected]


ACLS Students ONLY

All ACLS students are required to complete the ACLS precourse test, and turn in a copy to their instructor on the day of class.
A minimum score of 70% is required. Students are allowed unlimited attempts on the pretest in order to achieve the required minimum score.

In order to complete the required pretest, please visit and enter password: acls15

-Understand the 9 cases in the ACLS Provider Manual including the ACLS algorithms.
-Be able to perform high-quality BLS including AED, according to the 2015 AHA Guidelines.

*Also, ACLS renew students must present their current card (or copy) to the instructor.


PALS Students ONLY

1. To access the latest updates and American Heart Association Guidelines for PALS follow the link below and go to PART 14

2. To access the American Heart Association Pre Course Self Assessment Tool, visit the link below and enter the
password: Palsprovider



If you have any questions, call our office at 314.600.2075
or email us at [email protected]


Thank you. We look forward to seeing you in class! 🙂

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