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BLS Basic Life Support Manual1. “ONLY What You Need” BLS Success Manual

  • Designed Specifically So You Pass the BLS Exam.
  • Get Only What You NEED to Know.
  • Every Skill is Mapped Out in Easy Step by Step Directions.

  • Written by Individuals Who Know CPR.


2. Visual Learner’s BLS Video Series

  • Remove All Suprises and Anxiety
  • Watch Everything You Will Be Doing In the Actual Class.
  • Especially Good for Visual and Hands-On Learners.
  • Demonstrates Only the Skills You Need.
  • Makes the Actual Class a Breeze!


Cardiopumonary Review Video3. Cardiopulmonary Review Video

  • Come to Class Already Understanding Heart Function
  • Simple Review of the Heart  
  • Easy Refresher on How Blood is Pumped to Lungs and Body
  • Be Confident in Class Knowing Cardiopulmonary Function 


BLS Cheat Cheat Guide4. Numbers You Need to Know *Helpful Guide*

  • Gain Access to the Numbers You Need to Know.
  • One Page Helpful Guide.

 We Guarantee Your Success! If you don’t pass after you study this material, we will work with you until you do or we will give you a FULL REFUND.

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