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CPR St. Louis
The following St. Louis CPR class reviews are from nurses, doctors, nursing students, medical students, medical assistants, and personal trainers in the St. Louis MO and surrounding areas. ACLS-BLS St. Louis also provides advanced CPR for adults, infants, and children with AED training, adult rescue breathing, adult bag-mask use, adult CPR/AED with 1 and 2 rescuers, adult and child relief of choking, child rescue breathing, child bag-mask use, child CPR, infant rescue breathing and choking, infant bag-mask use, and infant CPR. Algorithms for AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support is also taught and certified for the ACLS megacode. Surrounding Missouri and Illinois Dentists, Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, and other health care providers certify and recertify their BLS and ACLS skills at ACLS-BLS St. Louis in the best hands-on stress free AHA environment that exists.


“I am so greatfull for the calm and relaxed atmosphere that Kim and Dianna offered! I am the world’s worst test taker. We all worked together as a team. CPR class was awesome – those girls understand test anxiety.” Mary Duffie, RN Shiloh IL 62269

“Kim’s relaxed, supportive, calming demeanor set a great tone for the class. She kept the class small and we had time to ask questions and get our answers without pressure. She handled the ACLS megacode scenarios for us to be informatiove and not intimidating, reminding us to be calm and think through our situation so ling as we had adequate HQ CPR going! Helen H. Andert, RN Manchester MO

“I loved the small class size b/c it made me feel more at ease. Also, watching the videos and studying before hand made me feel much more prepared to learn in the class. Kim, the intructor, was very good at explaining and teaching. She did a good job and I will definitely recommend this CPR class to my fellow RN friends.” Beth Vaughn, RN St. Louis MO

“I easily understood the way the CPR was taught. I felt confident when it was time to take the test that I knew the material.” Elizabeth Sperry, Respiratory student, Fenton Missouri

“Very good presentation – instructor extremely helpful to understand concepts of ACLS.” Rhodes Rich, Alton IL

“Very informative and friendly class and instructor. Relaxed Atmosphere.” Lisa Longhofer, Orthopedic Resident Saint Louis MO

“Low Stess, Interactive.” James Martinez, RN

“Instructor demonstrated skills and thorough knowledge of life saving techniques. CPR class size was fun and very interactive. I feel more confident should a problem arise.” Angelica Hutchins, Nursing Student St. Louis MO

“It was great hands on experience I had. The instructor is great and explained every single step. Above all she did take her time for us to demonstrate what we needed to learn.” Faben Ali, Student Saint Louis

“Excellent CPR course, Excellent instructor. The small class size was a bonus.” Hillary Love, Medical Assistant, Manchester MO

“The class moved quickly covering all aspects, organized, clear, and concise. Very enjoyable.” Angie Mihulka, RN Ballwin 63021 MO

“I am so greateful for ACLS-BLS St. Louis! It is hard to find a real CPR CLASS that is AHA accredited! The instructor was fantastic and made the material very understandable. I feel I can be confident to actually be in an emergency situation or mega code. Thank you.” Amy Santschi RN Surgical Services, Fenton MO 63026

“Great learning environment to continue to meet your professional requirements to help your community.” Vickie Forrest, Registered Nurse St. Louis Missouri

“Course was very informative and enjoyable. Instructor has excellent presentation skills and offered additional practical suggestions and real world CPR applications. Hightly Recommended!” Marsha Adler, Staff Nurse MO

“The [CPR] class was small and very relaxed – instructor was very friendly and helpful. It was a great experience.” Erin McGuire, Personal Trainer Fenton MO