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Renew Your ACLS | Review Your ECG-Pharmacology



You Need to Get Your ACLS Renewed…
So You Might As Well Do It In a 
Stress-Free Way!


Stress-free classroom and a fun, friendly instructor is the perfect learning environment essential for your successwithout the stress!



Respiratory Therapist?
Haven’t Looked at ECG’s, Megacode Drugs, or ACLS Algorithms in awhile? DON’T WORRY!!!

We are also offering an ECG-Pharmacology Review class prior to the ACLS class that will cover everything you need to know for success.

ECG-Pharmacology Review Class Includes:

  • Heart Anatomy (SA node, AV node, Bundle of His, etc)
  • Basic Electrophysiology (Action Potentials, Depolarization, P-wave, QRS-complex, T-wave)
  • Normal ECG measurements
  • Recognize and understand basic arrhythmias
  • Administration of ACLS drugs and usage
  • Understand drugs, doses and routes of administration during cardiovascular emergencies
  • Integration of drug pharmacology into ACLS algorithms
  • Provide the complete connection between ECG rhythms, ACLS drugs, and emergency crisis
  • Everything Else You Need for a Successful and FUN MEGACODE Experience.

American Heart Association




ACLS Renew Class. Hands-On and Stress-Free.

  • BEST ACLS CLASS! – or your money back!
  • FREE Replacement Card – if yours is lost or stolen
  • Continuing Education Hours certificate
  • Be Worry Free for 2 more years starting today!
  • Avoid Online Classes! Forget about spending an entire frustrating day sitting in front of your computer with a boring Online Course that will still require you to take an in-person skills test to get your AHA provider card.
  • Get Hands-On Experience!
  • Stress-Free CPR and Megacode.
  • Your Success is the focus of our AHA Instructors.
  • Fast and Organized! 
  • Receive ACLS Provider Card (on site)
  • Complete ACLS Recertification Class w/ ACLS skills test included
  • Course Registration Fee, Site Fee, AHA Instructor Fee *INCLUDED


Details of the Day: March 15th, 2013

——–Morning, 8am——–
ECG and Pharmacology Course – This course reviews basic ECG electrophysiology, measurements and arrhythmias, as well as drug administration specific for ACLS algorithms. This course will prepare you for ACLS renewal, and earn you Continuing Education Hours.


——-Afternoon, 1pm ——-
ACLS Renewal – Renew your Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) skills in the Best, Hands-On, Stress-Free CPR class and Earn Continuing Education Hours.


*NOTE: If this ACLS Renewal Date doesn’t fit your schedule,
You can Register for many other ACLS Renewal Classes Click Here.


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ECG-Pharm Course AND ACLS Renew on  March 15th

  One Payment of $279
*Includes ECG-Pharm Manual w/ FREE SHIPPING. AHA requires that you have the AHA ACLS manual for class – not included in this price.

ADD BLS Renewal for ONLY $39

  One Payment of $318 (ECG-Pharm & ACLS & BLS)
*Includes ECG-Pharm Manual w/ FREE SHIPPING. AHA requires that you have the AHA ACLS and BLS manuals for class – not included in this price.


If you only want the 1pm Afternoon ACLS Renewal on March 15th

  Afternoon ACLS Only = $199

  Afternoon ACLS and BLS = $238 (Renew Your BLS at the same time for only $39.)

*AHA requires that you have a BLS and ACLS manual for class – not included in this price.


If you only want the Morning ECG-Pharm Review on March 15th

  Morning, 8am, ECG-Pharm Review class = $87
*Includes the ECG-Pharmacology manual w/ FREE SHIPPING!


*NOTE: If this Date Doesn’t Fit Your Schedule,
Go Here for Other ACLS Renewal Class Dates —–> Click Here


Location:    CPR St. Louis

CPR St. Louis – AHA Training Site
44 Meramec Valley Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63088



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