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2010 AHA Changes to ACLS and BLS

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Do you work as a healthcare provider who must be skilled in advanced cardiac life support? If you do then
you should be aware that the American Heart Association has made changes to both BLS for healthcare providers and ACLS for healthcare providers. Because provider certification is good for two years some people who need to be BLS and ACLS certified have not yet been informed of the changes in life support and the algorithms.

If you need to take a BLS class or ACLS recertification class in St. Louis Missouri, St. Charles Missouri, Jefferson County Missouri, Alton Illinois, or somewhere near one of these locations, St. Louis ACLS Recertification Center has your updates and renewal process covered. Our AHA instructors have built an update lesson plan that makes sure you and your skills are current with the most recently released 2010 BLS and 2010 ACLS guidelines. There is no longer look, listen, and feel during BLS and ABCs has changed to CABs!

If you are a travel nurse who needs ACLS, home healthcare nurse, Hospice nurse, nurse practitioner, skilled nursing facility nurse, physician, dentist, or other healthcare provider who needs to be AHA BLS or ACLS certified in the state of Missouri or Illinois don’t wait. It can be easy to forget when your certification is due and because of the new updates by the AHA now is a great time to renew. It is always better to take a class two to three months before your card expires. However, sometimes it’s too late and you have only 2 days to get into an ACLS class. This is another thing St. Louis ACLS Recertification can help with. We provide doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in Missouri and Illinois two choices to quickly renew their BLS or ACLS recertification.

If the last scenario describes your situation, we can help. We will come to your home or office and bring the BLS class, ACLS class, or both to you! There is no wait for your card. After you have completed the updates, renewal written exam, and skills check off we provide you with your new 2 year AHA BLS provider card or ACLS provider card right then and there.

Check out our already scheduled summer ACLS classes with a hot summer price to see if any of the dates work for
you. If so register online and reserve your seat for a stress free and fun ACLS renewal class. If you need our AHA instructors to come to you call our office at 314.662.3670 for more details or visit ACLS at home/office.

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