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Travel nursing offers many benefits and opportunities. However, when it comes to recertification time for BLS and ACLS it can be difficult to find a class. And forget about the online ACLS recertification and online BLS recertification classes! They forget to tell their nurses that they do not offer AHA BLS and ACLS provider cards. Nor do they advertise that in addition to spending hours in front of a computer screen, you are still required to find a training site for the hands-on skills portion of the recertification process.

St. Louis ACLS Recertification Center makes taking an ACLS class or a BLS/ACLS combo class quick and convenient for travel nurses in both Missouri and Illinois. Our AHA instructors know that travel nurses can’t afford to miss a scheduled shift because their BLS or ACLS has expired. We also know that the hospitals and medical facilities in the state of Missouri and Illinois require American Heart Association BLS and ACLS provider certification.

St. Louis Recertification Center offers St. Louis travel nurses, Missouri travel nurses, and Illinois travel nurses two options to take their ACLS renewal class or an ACLS/BLS combo renewal class. Our website lists our already scheduled ACLS recertification classes. If none of the dates listed work with your schedule, no need to worry we have you covered! We come to you! Call our ACLS class and BLS/ACLS combo class scheduling office at 314.662.3670 for more details.

We bring your AHA 2010 guidelines student manual, all of the necessary testing equipment, and a new AHA ACLS provider card right to your home or job site. It’s that simple. We also are now offering group rates for groups of 2 all the way up to 8. Grab some co-workers, save money, and have a great time getting ACLS recertified with St. Louis Recertification Center’s AHA instructors.

Don’t wait to expire- CALL TODAY!

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