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Requiring Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification for all licensed registered nurses, as well as other health care providers, is becoming a trend in many hospitals across the country. In the past, healthcare facilities would only require RNs working in critical care areas such as the emergency department, intensive care unit, and the operating room to be ACLS certified.

However, now some healthcare facilities are requiring ACLS certification as a prerequisite for all clinical nursing jobs. St. Louis travel nurses who are planning a contract in California are working to attain their ACLS certification. California is one of the states in which several hospitals require all licensed RNs to have their ACLS certification.

From a clinical standpoint this new change makes plenty of sense. Every nurse and health care provider should feel comfortable and confident with knowing how to provide advanced treatment to their patient in cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. From an employment standpoint, being ACLS certified can make you more desirable. If two qualified healthcare providers apply for the same position chances are that the one who is ACLS certified will appear as the more appealing choice.

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