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Looking for a new nursing staffing agency, prn nursing agency, or just a top notch nursing travel agency that will take care of your needs? If any of these describe what type of nursing agency you are looking for then Nurses PRN is for you! For over the last year they have addressed and satisfied every need or concern I have had. And what’s more is they are happy to help and really care about their nurses needs. Before choosing Nurses PRN as my prn travel nursing agency I shopped several to see what was out there. At the end of the day Nurses PRN exceeded my expectations with their attentiveness to my requests, questions, and outstanding travel package.

With so many travel nursing agencies it can be really nerve racking as a novice travel nurse to decide which agency to sign on with. But please be cautious when making this decision. It is of paramount importance that as a new travel nurse or new local prn nurse who is looking for a nursing staffing agency that you make the right choice. For example, when calling a nurse staffing agency for the first time if you are not showered with enthusiasm and excitement stop right there and make your next call. If the recruiters and employees of that medical staffing agency are not chipper now its most likely that when you have a problem or difficulty they won’t be either.

This is just my testimony to all new travel nurses or nurses who want to find a local prn nurse staffing agency to represent them. When you are making your final decision always look at more than the money offer. Money is important but make sure when shopping around you have a list of questions that you want to know in advance. Ask about living expenses, tax free money, bonus pay, how many office sites, 401k plans, health package, and anything else you are curious about before you sign on the dotted line. Do they cover your certifications and renewals basic life support and advanced cardiovascular life support? By the way Nurses PRN  in St. Louis hosts BLS and ACLS classes right in their office for their travel nurses and local nurses, how convenient is that!

When I signed on with Nurses PRN I was 100% convinced that I had made the right choice. Over the past year several other nursing agencies have made me offers and presented different nursing travel packages. Not one has compared to the complete package I get with Nurses PRN! So from one travel nurse to another this is the one you should add to your shopping list. They have several different offices all over the country which is nice when you want that face to face contact.

Currently, I am located in St. Louis, Missouri and the regional manager Jen McHugh always makes sure I am happy with my nursing travel contract. In addition, I receive notes and gifts in the mail from the entire staff of Nurses PRN. Robin, Angie, Lisa, and all of the staff is ready to jump up and help or provide new nurses with all of the information they need and really pay attention to what their nurses are looking for! If you are looking call them today at 1-888-830-8811 and ask for Jen McHugh (she will take great care of you) or you can apply instantly online at

Good Luck Fellow Nurses,
Kimberly Hickman RN

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