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BLS And ACLS For St.Louis Nursing Students, Medical Students, And Allied Health Students

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BLS And ACLS For St.Louis Nursing Students, Medical Students, And Allied Health Students

If you are a nursing student, medical student, or other allied health student then you need to take the BLS class for healthcare providers in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois. Throughout your medical training and education you will be in clinical settings learning and providing patient care. Because of this it is required that you know the correct way to perform resuscitation efforts if you find a patient unresponsive or if they become unresponsive while you are with them.

This might sound scary at first to some students, especially if you have never worked in a clinical setting that provides patient care. But really taking a BLS class can be a fun and rewarding thing for students. Learning the correct steps to take in the case of an emergency and getting hands-on practice with an AHA BLS instructor and your peers builds the confidence you need to execute proper resuscitation for your patient.

St. Louis ACLS Recertification Center offers BLS classes for all sorts of medical professionals in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas. We also help nursing students and medical students get BLS certified and ACLS certified with exciting hands-on practice in a stress free atmosphere. If you need to be either AHA BLS certified or AHA ACLS certified we can help you. Contact our office for more information on private sessions, group rates, school visits (we come to you), and our already scheduled ACLS and BLS classes.

After successful completion of one of our classes you will receive your American Heart Association Healthcare Provider card. Both BLS cards and ACLS cards are good for two years. After you have taken your initial class you will only be required to take a shorter recertification class two years later for your renewal. Most of the hospitals, schools, and other healthcare facilities in Missouri and Illinois require that your BLS certification and ACLS certification is completed with an AHA instructor.

Beware of the online BLS classes and online ACLS classes that claim you can do everything online. This is absolutely not the case! In fact, even after completing the long dreadful online portion, students are still required to go to a training center to have their skill checked off.

Don’t waste your time or money.

Call St. Louis Recertification Center at 314.662.3670 and get registered for your BLS or ACLS class today! Our instructors are here to help you succeed.

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