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PALS stands for pediatric advanced life support. The PALS course was developed by the American Heart Association (AHA) and first released in the 1980’s. The course focus is to teach and prepare healthcare providers to manage critical  situations in infants and children.

The pediatric population differs from the adult population in that respiratory distress, shock, respiratory arrest, and trauma are often the initial diagnosis. The goal of a PALS provider is to recognize and treat these issues early to prevent cardiopulmonary arrest. After successful completion of a CPR St. Louis PALS class a nurse, pediatrician, family practice physician, urgent care doctor, and other clinicians that treat children should be able to confidently manage an infant or child who suffers from any of the following:

1.) Respiratory Distress
2.) Shock
3.) Cardiac Arrest
4.) Cardiac Arrhythmias
5.) Respiratory Failure

In addition, PALS providers are able to know how to treat an infant or child post resuscitation. Knowing how to care for a patient immediately following a successful rescue of cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest is key in preventing a second arrest and promoting continued improvement in the patients condition.

CPR St. Louis offers both one day first time PALS classes in St. Louis and also PALS recertification classes in St. Louis for all clinicians who must be PALS certified. The PALS classes offered are American Heart Association classes led by friendly American Heart Association instructors. The BLS, ACLS, and PALS classes are taught in a laid back learning environment.  This promotes higher retention of the information taught and helps the student feel relaxed.

If you are a healthcare provider who needs to be American Heart Association PALS certified or needs to renew your PALS certification in Missouri or Illinois visit PALS classes in St. Louis for PALS class dates and times. You can also call the office of CPR St. Louis at 314.662.3670


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