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The Smaller Brain Possibility by Killian Knowles

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The opportunity to look within reason for what goes in our heads has stumped even the mightiest of minds for generations. Late technology has allowed humans the ability to firmly grasp the inner mechanisms of the mind. Despite the variable cases that include patients who suffer even the rarest of brain conditions, the most Lehman cases of brain irritation and stress comes in the form of migraines and depression. These two neurological conditions are definitely not pleasant to have and depending on genetic makeup, they can take more tolls on some than others. These two conditions individually cause pain physically and mentally, but together, they cause even more irritation to the victim. It’s very common for victims with depression to experience migraines as well, and vice versa. What scientists wondered regarding the combination of these two conditions is whether there was another cause to the link between the two?

Scientists have run various studies regarding the brain volume of patients who experience both of these types of brain irritation. They have found that there is a difference in brain size and brain volume between people who experience this combination as opposed to those who don’t experience them at all. The studies revealed that there is a 2% size difference in the brain sizes.  So far, nothing harmful has come out of the study regarding the difference in brain size, but there is more research to be done in regards to someone’s overall health. The study was published in Neurology, a science journal.  The scientists concluded from their research that 12% of Americans have migraines and 15% of Americans experience depression. Scientists included in the study like the author Larus Gudmundsson, who is a research associate at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md., found that 3% of Americans experience both conditions. This meaning their study may suggest that this amount of Americans contain smaller brains.

The tests in the study were done using MRI machines to map out brain function and recognize brain volume. The study was done in Iceland on two different age ranges of adults so the research does not 100% suggest a correlation within America at all. Also within the study, the age ranges that were MRI-scanned were 66-96 years of age. These ages can put excess stress on people and through this readings can be proven inaccurate in conjunction with patient’s levels of depression and migraine experiences. This information can be deemed to detailed and specific to generalize for the mass population of humanity especially Americans. Further research has to be done to get more in detail for the health effects. One huge question the author of the study wants to address as well is whether cognitive abilities are varied due to this smaller brain size. A more solid link is still being searched for in regards to whether all people who suffer these conditions have smaller brains, but with more technology and research on the way, more information and better understanding of the correlation is sure to arise.





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