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Required BLS Classes For Dentists In Missouri And Illinois

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Required BLS Classes For Dentists In Missouri And Illinois

There are now 44 states that require all licensed dentists and dental hygienists to be AHA-certified providers of Basic Life Support, or BLS. Missouri is one of these 44 states that require this certification. Most places also
have dental assistants that are also BLS certified.

Dentistry Today had a very interesting article about dentists and dental workers who are learning that the old BLS Primary Survey algorithm that used to teach ABCs is out and now it is all about CABs when delivering basic life support. For more information on the 6 things Dentistry Today suggests all dentists know visit

With the recent changes to the American Heart Association’s BLS Primary Survey algorithm, now is the perfect time to take a BLS class in Saint Louis. After all, it is every health professional’s responsibility to know how to react when a patient begins to deteriorate unexpectedly. For example, if a patient undergoing a tooth extraction experiences sudden cardiac arrest the entire staff at that dental office should be prepared. Each and every patient care provider there should be able to deliver strong compressions at the right rate, keep an open airway, and deliver oxygen until emergency medical service providers arrive.

Dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants who are BLS certified with the new AHA 2010 BLS guidelines will be ready and able to provide the necessary interventions if they should have a patient experience sudden respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest.

The best and most convenient way to accomplish this is to do the entire dental group at the office. Learning how to react in your everyday work environment and utilizing the tools around you will build confidence in your BLS skills. It is also faster and more effective than sitting for hours in front of a computer screen. St. Louis ACLS Recertification Center offers two ways that dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists in St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois can take a fast and fun BLS class.

The most popular among dental groups is the “we will come to you” option! Our AHA-certified instructors come to your home or office and bring everything you need to get your BLS certification. You’ll learn the latest 2010 AHA BLS updates; get helpful hands-on practice, a quick written test, and then your AHA BLS card upon successfully completing the class that day. The BLS Provider card is good for two years.

If this option interests you please visit call 314.662.3670 today.

If you would rather come to a BLS class in St. Louis, MO, or Chesterfield, MO when you do not have office or work hours call our office for already scheduled class details or to schedule a private session.

Call our office today at 314.662.3670.

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