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PALS Classes | St. Louis | 2010 Updates

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If you are currently a healthcare provider in Saint Louis, Missouri or in Illinois, you might be required to have your American Heart Association PALS certification. PALS is Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Several facilities require that physicians, nurses, paramedics, urgent care doctors, family practice doctors, and emergency medicine practitioners have this certification. And all critical care healthcare providers working with infants or children at a pediatric facility such as Cardinal Glennon or St. Louis Children’s Hospital must be certified in PALS and recertify every two years.

If you need to renew your PALS certification in Saint Louis or surrounding areas now is the time to sign up. The American Heart Association made several changes to all of their ECC algorithms that were recently released. The new guidelines and updates are thoroughly reviewed in the PALS recertification classes that CPR St. Louis offers. And rest assured all of the instructors that teach at CPR St. Louis are American Heart Association instructors as is the completion card providers receive at the end of each class.

If your renewal date is approaching don’t wait to register. CPR St. Louis keeps their class size small for all of the classes they offer. This provides a relaxed and laid back learning environment and sheds hours from the classroom time!

This is even better if you need to take a PALS class for the first time. Most ACLS and PALS classes are taught over a two day time span. CPR St. Louis is able to effectively take each student in the small class step by step through all of the science, algorithms, and cases in one day. When you leave a CPR St. Louis PALS class you feel confident in your skills. In addition, there are no tears cried or anxiety attacks! Ever heard of the horror stories healthcare providers share about horrible past CPR classes and instructors?
The instructors at CPR St. Louis have a philosophy of teaching  built around the key words “stress-free”.

CPR St. Louis wants each and every PALS, ACLS, and BLS student to have a classroom experience that leaves them 100% satisfied. Maybe you need to renew your PALS now or maybe you do not have hours to waste in front of a computer screen to renew online. What ever it is that you need, a PALS class, ACLS class, BLS class, or all three CLICK HERE to register. You can also call the office of CPR St. Louis. Their team and instructors are always happy to help! CALL Today – 314.662.3670.

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× Yes, we are your local American Heart Association training site. We offer in-person classes, skills checks, and blended online learning.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: 100% of CPR St. Louis instructors have entirely completed (1) the rigorous and official American Heart Association instructor training and certification process, and (2) the “How to Teach a Stress-Free CPR Class™” classroom and testing training protocol that ensures a superior experience for everyone. In addition, students will receive their AHA Cards the day of class!

[WARNING]: Because of the high quality, stress-free classroom student experience, our classes fill very fast - so register now to ensure your spot. See our course calendar for online registration or contact us directly by phone, live chat or email with questions.