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If you need a Basic Life Support class in Louisville because you are either a current healthcare provider and you need to renew your BLS or you are a student and need CPR for school, this is the correct class. This course is American Heart Association certified and required for all individuals in the medical field who have patient contact.

This is also known as BCLS and is sometimes just referred to as CPR for healthcare providers. The training includes learning how to give proper chest compression, emergency rescue breathing, and choking intervention for infants, children, and adults.

CPR Louisville provides CPR training not only to professionals and students in downtown Louisville, but to areas such as Saint Matthews, Newburg, Okolona, Highview, Lyndon, Shively, Fern Creek, Jeffersontown, Valley Station, Shelbyville, Radcliff, Graymoor-Devondale, Anchorage, Middletown, Northfield, Chickasaw, Beechmont, and Cloverleaf. 

After you register, you will complete the class usually in 3-4 hours. Immediately upon successful completion, you will receive your 2-year AHA provider card. It will be your responsibility to renew your card every two years as long as you are working. There is an option by the AHA to complete a portion of the course online, however, you will still need to have an in-person, hands-on skills check. Getting your provider card online doesn’t exist. So if you are told by a company that you can do that, then they are not American Heart Association certified! There are a lot of misleading websites that promise 100% online certification. Stay clear of these because they are not legit AHA training sites.

Hands-on CPR is the better choice if you are going to be handling patients. It prepares you better and this is why the AHA requires that there is a hands-on skills check component.

If you need to reach CPR Louisville you can do so by calling 502-804-6132. They are friendly and are there to help you succeed!

Best of luck.


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Get the Best CPR Class in St. Louis Today!


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