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CPR Classes In St. Louis

You do not need to be a doctor, nurse, dentist, or healthcare professional to take a CPR class. In fact, cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest, both life-threatening conditions, happen frequently outside of healthcare facilities. Members of the St. Louis community can play a big part in the American Heart Association’s Chain of Survival.

Early recognition of signs and symptoms and the activation of emergency response personnel can make the difference between a positive or poor outcome for a victim who suffers from cardiac or respiratory arrest. Knowing exactly what to do when you find someone unresponsive or if someone becomes unresponsive in your company could save their life.

What if you are a teacher and one of your students suddenly collapses? What if you are attending a birthday party for your grandmother and one of the guests begins choking? What if one of your co-workers begins complaining of chest pain and then passes out? Aren’t all of these situations realistic? Our brains need oxygen. During cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest, brains are deprived of the oxygen they need. For every second and minute passed that the brain is not perfused with highly oxygenated blood brain damage can ensue.

CPR St. Louis provides American Heart Association CPR classes (also known as Basic Life Support – BLS CPR) for all members of the St. Louis community. Their classes train mothers, fathers, teachers, childcare center faculty, corporate office faculty, police officers, and anyone else who wants to learn how to perform high-quality CPR. The instructors at CPR St. Louis are friendly and make sure everyone is 100% satisfied with their learning experience. CPR classes are kept small to make sure each student has plenty of hands-on learning time.

It is simple to sign up! CPR St. Louis has several classes monthly to choose from or for groups, they will come to you. If you are ready to learn how to help someone who is suffering from cardiac arrest, or respiratory arrest, or help someone who is choking sign up with CPR St. Louis today. And don’t forget if you have an office faculty or baby shower coming up CPR St. Louis has special event rates.

For more information please call CPR St. Louis today at 314.662.3670, or for immediate registration visit their website at



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Get the Best CPR Class in St. Louis Today!

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