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First Time PALS | One Day ONLY Class Agenda

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PALS Class Agenda:

First Time PALS Course Outline | St. Louis MO
Pediatric Advanced Life Support

American Heart Association

8:30 Sign In and Good Morning

Course Overview

AHA Science Overview

BLS Testing:
1 and 2 rescuer Child CPR
1 and 2 rescuer Infant CPR

Respiratory Emergencies:
-recognize and manage a respiratory emergency
– hands on time with intubation and airway equipment

Vascular access:
Intravenous vs. Intraosseous


Resuscitation Team Concept

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Pediatric Assessment Approach
-Identify – Intervene – Evaluate

12 Core PALS Cases
The cases allow students to have hands on practice and application of skills in managing respiratory, cardiovascular, and different forms of shock emergencies in infants and children.

Written Exam

Issue AHA PALS cards


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