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Female Reproductive Anatomy – outline notes

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A. Ovaries
1) almond shaped and twice as large
2) paired, bilateral

3) Ovarian histology
a. primary follicle
b. Graafian follicle
1) antrum
2) oocyte
3) theca folliculi

B. Female Duct System
1) Uterine Tubes / Fallopian Tubes / Oviducts
a. Regions
1) isthmus
2) ampulla
3) infundibulum
4) fimbriae
2) Uterus
a. Regions
1) fundus
2) body
3) isthmus
4) cervix
a) cervical canal
b) external os
c) internal os
d) cervical glands – produce cervical mucus that
covers external os
b. Layers
1) perimetrium
2) myometrium
3) endometrium
a) stratum basale
b) stratum functionalis
c. rectouterine pouch

3) Vagina – “female organ of copulation”
a. extends from cervix to body exterior
b. Layers
1) adventitia – fibroelastic tissue
2) muscularis – smooth muscle
3) muscosa – stratified squamous epithelium
a) rugae
c. vaginal fornix

4. External Genitalia (Vulva or Pudendum)
a. Mons Pubis
1) fatty, rounded area overlying bone (pubic symphysis)
a) covered with pubic hair
b. Labia majora
1) outer, hair-covered fatty skin folds
c. Labia minora
1) inner, hair-free skin folds
d. Vestibule
1) recess enclosed by labia minora
2) vaginal and urethral orifice
e. Greater vestibular glands
1) release lubricating mucus into vestibule
   2) facilitates intercourse
f. Clitoris
1) corpora cavernosa; rich innervation with sensory nerve
endings (sensitive to touch, sexual arousal); engorges with blood
g. Prepuce of clitoris – “hood”

5.  Mammary Glands
a. modified sweat glands; really part of integumentary system
b. anterior to pectoralis major
c. External Anatomy
1) areola
2) nipple
d. Internal Anatomy of Lactating Breast
1) lobes – 15–20 segments radiate around and open at    nipple
2) lobules – smaller units in lobes contain alveoli
3) alveoli – produce milk
4) lactiferous ducts –
5) lactiferous sinus (ampulla)
a) site of milk accumula

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