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Diabetes Rising Due to Childhood and Teen Obesity by Ryan O’Heron

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Childhood obesity is becoming more and more noticeable. This is quickly changing from a problem to an epidemic. Due to the food industries such as fast food and even choices at the local market, lack of physical activity, and lack of parenting, childhood obesity is going to be a major challenge to apprehend.  Most foods available today are packed full of preservatives, high in saturated fats, and sugar making them very convenient and easy for anyone to enjoy contributing to obesity. This problem is not only in America but is becoming global making it inevitable for type 2 diabetes to be on the rise.

There are many reasons that obesity is on the rise, but there are a few that stick out more than others. First of all, there is just way too much horrible food that is available today. This mainly includes fast foods which are not only available at a person’s local McDonalds or Jack in the Box, but these options are in most schools throughout the United States. If these options are available to kids and teens wouldn’t the average Joe pick a delicious fattening cheeseburger and fries over an overly salty cold turkey sandwich on wheat bread? Fast food places even put a toy in the bag so that young kids will come back. Soda is also an addition to the madness considering it is being consumed mostly during lazy activity. Those empty calories just end up becoming stored energy. (Fat) Secondly is the lack of motivation to exercise that kids have due to their personal virtual realities, video games, and television. Half of the kids may want to go play basketball or climb trees, whereas the other ones want to play the newest online video game on their Xbox or computer which has been somewhat of a proven addiction.

Teens can be even worse. Many of them quit playing sports by the time they enter high school and end up not seeing the light of day due to video games or Facebook-type programs. Many of them also have problems with the excess calories of alcohol along with their 10 Jack in the Box tacos which have been pumped with enough fat to hold a bear over for hibernation. Thirdly, parenting. Many parents find it ok for their kids to eat fast food every single day and a lot of the time it does not cross a parent’s mind how bad this could be for the future until it happens. Obese parents may not try to influence their kids by telling them to not eat certain things, but just eating it themselves is an influence.

Children and Teens who are obese have a much higher risk of getting diabetes. Diabetes is considered a metabolic disease, and the more fat someone has makes the body less sensitive to insulin. Once a certain point is reached a protein is released that causes type 2 diabetes.  The reason this article is on modern children and teens is because they are much less likely to grow out of their obesity than in the past. Obesity is proving to be a growing problem just due to percentages that do not lie.  This does not mean we can’t fight to rid the problem of the world. We must adjust and learn from our mistakes by making smarter decisions and developing a lifestyle to do so, even if it means making sacrifices.



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