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Online ACLS and Online BLS Classes?

It was a complete shock when the American Heart Association developed an online course for basic life support (BLS) and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) for healthcare providers. After all, these certifications that train health care professionals how to intervene when someone suffers from an episode of respiratory arrest, absence of  breathing, or cardiac arrest are all life threatening.

From an intensive care nurse’s perspective the online course does not properly prepare a health care professional, or anyone required to learn these skills, to do an adequate job. Over the past several months I have heard many doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare providers express their complaints and difficulties with the online course. One physician explained that after 10 hours of trying to pass the “mega code”, a portion of the online ACLS course, he gave up and had to return to it the following day. Others, also bothered with the length of the course, were unsatisfied with the lack of real hands on experience a traditional CPR class provides.

ACLS and BLS certifications through the American Heart Association are valid for two years. If the only training one receives to save another’s life is only every two years it should be hard, fast, and hands on. The material covered in the American Heart Associations online life support courses is the same material covered in a live class. But the difference between learning these critical skills “live” or zoning out while trying to stay engaged during an online course is  paramount. There is a hands on skills check that follows the AHA’s online life support courses, however in my opinion it is just not the same as the real life scenarios that are played out and practiced during a CPR class.

Saint Louis is the home of some of the top medical centers in this country. The city is practicing cutting edge medicine and delivering new doctors and nurses everyday.  These individuals are born from Saint Louis University, Washington University, and an endless list of other colleges that offer programs for a variety of health care professionals. Each and every one of them could at some point be responsible for saving someone’s life. It is crucial that their training be hard, fast, and hands on!

When health care professionals in Saint Louis, Missouri or close by, and need to become CPR certified or renew their BLS and ACLS skills they should take a “live” class with ACLS – BLS St. Louis. Their American Heart Association  instructors have participated in real codes and are ready to make your certification process the best experience ever. The BLS classes and ACLS classes in St. Louis are fun, friendly, and help insure that health care professionals feel confident to save a life.

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CPR St. Louis: Hard, Fast, and Always Hands On!

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Get the Best CPR Class in St. Louis Today!

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