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St. Louis Community College Nursing Students in the STLCC Nursing Program can get the required Basic Life Support CPR class for healthcare providers by Clicking Here


CPR St. Louis offers the required CPR class for all healthcare provider school programs, i.e. nursing school, dental hygiene school, 2-year physical and occupation therapy, radiology techs, etc. All courses are American Heart Association for Healthcare Providers certified.

What is BLS CPR?

This is a common question among nursing students, dental hygiene students, medical students, physical therapy program students, and any other student entering a healthcare-related college program. BLS stands for Basic Life Support. BLS, Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, is a specialized CPR class for medical professionals.

All healthcare professionals need to be AHA certified to work in most medical and all hospital settings in St. Louis, MO. The course includes chest compressions, rescue breathing, AED training, choking, etc for adults, infants and children. The course usually lasts between 4-6 hours depending on class size and ability. All instructors must be trained and certified by the American Heart Association to teach the classes.

At the end of the class, each successful participant will receive their 2 year AHA BLS Provider Card. This card is good for 2 years and is accepted anywhere in the U.S. This will also allow St. Louis Community College nursing program students to participate in clinical because they will be CPR certified with AHA Basic Life Support.


Watch this YouTube Video! 2 rescuer CPR with AED training.


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Get the Best CPR Class in St. Louis Today!

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STLCC Nursing Program CPR requirement for clinicians.


For more videos by CPR St. Louis, go here CPR St. Louis Basic Life Support



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