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If you attend or plan to attend Chamberlain College of Nursing in St. Louis Missouri, you will need Basic Life Support certification from the American Heart Association which is CPR for healthcare providers. Basic Life Support (also known as BLS certification, BCLS, or cpr for hcp) is required by all healthcare professionals including student nurses preparing for clinical.

In Saint Louis Missouri, you can register for an AHA BLS for nursing students class at or by calling 314.662.3670. The classes are hands-on, stress-free, and organized. They are taught by Registered Nurses who have real-life experience with running hospital codes.

Beware of Online BLS classes because most are not AHA certified. In addition, you will still have to take an in-person skills test. Taking one good hands-on and in-person BLS course from an American Heart Association instructor is highly advised.

You can sign up for a 1st Time BLS class for Chamberlain College of nursing school(clinical requirement) at or call 314.662.3670

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