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Medical Students Need Basic Life Support (a.k.a. BLS or CPR for healthcare providers) Training

If you attend a medical school in St. Louis Missouri such as Washington University School of Medicine or Saint Louis University School of Medicine, you are required to have American Heart Association (AHA) hands-on BLS certification. Online BLS classes that are entirely online do not satisfy AHA requirements for Basic Life Support certification.  If you are having difficulties finding an AHA-certified provider for BLS in the St. Louis area do not feel alone. Many healthcare providers have difficulty finding AHA BLS and even ACLS classes in the St. Louis area that are fast, organized, hands-on, and stress-free.

In the 1st Time BLS class you will learn BLS/CPR (chest compressions) for adults and children with 1 and 2 rescuers. You will gain proficiency with the bag-mask technique and AED machines on adults, children, and infants. You will also cover how to respond to choking adults and infants.

To register for a St. Louis area BLS class visit 1st Time BLS class in St. Louis

or call 314.662.3670 ACLS-BLS St. Louis 

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