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BLS Certification and BLS Recertification Classes in St. Louis, MO

There are many different areas in healthcare. In several of the areas professionals are involved with direct patient contact. This means that even if you are not a nurse or a doctor you may still be required to know how to initiate and execute the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support ( BLS ) Primary Survey. Knowing the skills of BLS and being able to put them into action in an emergency can save someone’s life.

In 2010 the American Heart Association released their new guidelines for both BLS and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ( ACLS ). One of the major changes made in BLS was made to help those who are not always in a hospital setting and may not have that much experience with BLS and ACLS. In the old version of the BLS algorithm if you were to find a person / patient unresponsive you would first look, listen, and feel to see if they were breathing or not. Then you would need to check for a pulse. Research has shown that the delay in initiating chest compressions can compromise the patient’s outcome.

The revisions made to the BLS and ACLS algorithms are based on years of research. Hopefully these changes with both increase patient survival rates and also envoke more people to become certified in BLS. This means that if you are a certified nurses aid, physical therapist, chiropractor, dentist, dental assistant, social worker, pharmacy technician, doctors office employee, EMT, firefighter, laboratory technician, or someone who works in a very populated public place you should sign up for a BLS class with the updated 2010 AHA BLS guidelines.

BLS can be taught to anyone even if they do not hold a medical license. There are not any medications administered in basic life support. BLS is a simple series of steps and actions that can ultimately save a life. In Saint Louis, Missouri and right across the state border in Illinois there are several hospitals. There are also countless numbers of dental groups, medical offices, physical therapy centers, medical clinics, and laboratories. If you have contact with the public in your profession and you live in or around St. Louis get your BLS renewal skills today.

St. Louis ACLS Recertification Center makes it quick and convenient. Don’t sit in front of a computer screen for hours trying to pass the test and teach yourself the updates. Call our office and register for one of our quick update classes. You will receive your healthcare provider BLS card on site after successful completion of one of our renewal BLS classes in St. Louis. The card is good for two years. So even if your current card doesn’t expire until August or September don’s wait.

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