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If you live in the Asheville, NC area and need to an Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification class renewal, or have not taken one since the American Heart Association released the 2010 guidelines, you should sign up for an ACLS class today.

In 2010 the American Heart Association made changes to both the Basic Life Support, BLS guidelines, and also the Advanced Cardiac Life Support, ACLS guidelines. In ACLS the American Heart Association removed Atropine from the asystole/PEA algorithm. They also added a Post Cardiac Arrest Care Algorithm. This algorithm outlines all treatments and procedures to be completed following a cardiac arrest. There is special emphasis on therapeutic induced hypothermia if the patient is unresponsive once ROSC is achieved. ROSC is an acronym commonly used throughout the new ACLS manual and test that stands for Return of Spontaneous Circulation. The new ACLS guidelines also teach and show how quantitative waveform capnography is not only being used to measure endotracheal tube placement, but also the quality of CPR when a patient is intubated.

Because ACLS is a team approach the American Heart Association released new sample videos of how proper communication in a mega code can help improve patient care. The videos provide a visual that brings the concepts in the ACLS manual to life. Understanding how to effectively communicate during a mega code is key to not only treating the patient, but also in identifying what caused the patient to arrest in the first place. Some people are not good communicators but the new ACLS training shows healthcare providers the correct and simple method to communicate during a mega code.

There are more than 400,000 cardiac arrests every year. If you are a healthcare provider who works with high risk patients or are a paramedic in the field it is paramount that you understand and know what to do if sudden cardiac arrest occurs. CPR Asheville has developed a way to let students take the ACLS class and really learn without stress. Our ACLS classes in Asheville, NC have a goal of really helping students soak in the concepts of ACLS. After all what good does it do the patient or the healthcare provider if students don’t really get it? Our ACLS renewal class is hands on and fun. We give you the latest ACLS updates and make sure you pass.

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