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St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding counties have several hospitals to choose from. In fact, some of the hospitals are Level 1 trauma centers. St. Johns Mercy Medical Center, Barnes Jewish Hospital, an Saint Louis University Hospital are three that immediately come to mind. Everyday thousands of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, paramedics, and other healthcare providers in St. Louis go to these hospitals to help heal people and save lives. In order for them to do their job to the best of their
ability requires certain skills and education.

No matter what position you hold as a healthcare provider, knowing and being able to execute the algorithms of the American Heart Association’s BLS primary survey and their ACLS secondary survey is crucial. It is especially crucial in an emergency. This is why St. Louis Recertification Center is offering healthcare providers a convenient yet effective way to learn and renew these invaluable skills. We researched to find out why a private ACLS class or group ACLS renewal class would be better for healthcare providers. Read on to find out what we did.

All over the internet, when you Google ACLS classes St. Louis, there are tons of ads marketing ACLS classes online. After speaking with a group of critical care nurses at St. Louis University Hospital, I discovered that the online ACLS companies don’t tell you everything you need to know. For example, most of the online ACLS courses are not supported by the AHA. This
means that when you complete the course you do receive an ACLS or BLS provider card, but the card is not an American Heart Association Card. This is a problem because the hospitals in St. Louis and most of the other medical centers in Missouri require BLS and ACLS providers to be certified by the AHA. These online ads also do not reveal the fact that after you sit at a computer all day you are still responsible for visiting a training center to have your hands-on skills checked off. Try going to an AHA training center with a certificate from a non-AHA supported site. They don’t accept your certificate and you will still not receive an AHA card. There are other reasons why the online ACLS certification process is a fraud but we just wanted to highlight a few of the major points.

St. Louis Recertification Center feels that the doctors, nurses, surgeons, residents, Physician Assistants, and other healthcare professionals who are required to be BLS and ACLS certified need education that will enable them to perform life support at ease because of skill, knowledge, and confidence. This is not something that an online ACLS class will develop. We work to make our already scheduled ACLS classes in St. Louis a fun learning environment for everyone. We also offer private classes in which case our AHA instructors come to you and work one on one with individuals at home or even groups at doctors’ offices.

Don’t take the short cut on life support education. We can give you all the tools you need! Check out our already scheduled ACLS classes in St. Louis for June and July. If the dates do not work with your schedule call our office at 314.662.3670 to learn more details about setting up a private ACLS recertification class or ACLS and BLS recertification session today!

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