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Fitness Supplements by Rezhe` Connelly

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Recently I discovered that I have an interest in bodybuilding. I started with the typical New Year’s resolution of getting in shape. I researched topics such as losing fat, gaining muscle, performance enhancers, and healthy recipes. I am usually engulfed with my cell phone, headphones and YouTube in a corner, in the dark. YouTube gives me the opportunity to watch vlogs of bodybuilders and exercise videos so that I too can be a health nut.

According to there are six items that are needed for muscle growth: whey protein, branch chain amino acids (BCAA), l- glutamine, creatine, omega-3 fish oil, and a vitamin/ mineral supplement. Whey protein is the foundation for muscle growth and has a high biological value and it is convenient to take. BCAA’s are used to build new protein after hard training. L-Glutamine is considered a conditional essential amino acid that aides in the recovery of muscle tissue after a strenuous workout. Creatine is a supplement that provides energy to increase muscle size and strength. Omega-3 fish oil assists in fat loss by maximizing the metabolic rate. Daily vitamins and minerals that one may not consume through food can be taken in supplement form.

I went to a supplement store to look at the ingredients that are in the supplements and the prices. They are definitely not in a college student’s budget. I had several questions lingering in my mind. I am sure prisoners are not taking pre workout and recovery supplements (a well balanced meal is even in question) and I have seen some prisoners return home in tip-top shape.

It is common sense that it is all about moderation when taking supplements or doing anything in life, for that matter. Let’s say if I decide to start taking a pre-workout supplement to enhance my strength and power in the gym. After months of hard training I decide that I no longer want to take a pre-workout supplement. I am no longer as good as I was in the gym while taking the pre-workout supplement so it doesn’t seem as beneficial for someone who does not want to solely depend on pre-workouts and the supplements listed above.

According to the mayo clinic individuals consuming creatine should advise healthcare professionals due to the possibility of experiencing gastrointestinal problems. WebMD states that l-glutamine increases the likelihood of a seizure and symptoms of mental disorders. I am not promoting that supplements have negative effects; I am providing facts about the supplements. When supplements are marketed a great body and performance are usually the only things that are considered. Omega-3 fish oil decreases high blood pressure, slow the development of plaque in the arteries, and lower the chance of sudden cardiac health problems in people with heart disease.

As with food, supplements, and skin care products the ingredients should be further researched to aide in the health of the individual and not diminish the health of the consumer. The cheaper the product is better on our pockets but not better for our health.




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