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BLS Instructor Course, St. Louis

“Becoming a BLS Instructor has given me a
great opportunity to earn extra money!” LJ Smith


BLS Instructor Course, St. Louis

“Become a CPR Instructor
Today. Register Now!”

After you become a BLS instructor for the American Heart Association (AHA), you will be able to teach Basic Life Support CPR certification classes. Teaching Basic Life Support CPR classes provides for wonderful experiences. You can also teach HeartSaver® CPR for the public.

In addition, being a certified BLS Instructor will provide a great way for you to earn extra money on the side and increase your value to an employer.

Steps to Achieve BLS Instructor Status:

  1. You must have a current AHA BLS Healthcare Provider Card.
  2. You must complete the Core Instructor Course.
  3. You must attend one of the BLS classes affiliated with our Training Center
  4. You must be monitored teaching one BLS certification class by our Training Center.


All Inclusive BLS Instructor Course Package Includes:

  • Core Instructor Course Program, CD and Manual *FREE SHIPPING
  • 2010 Basic Life Support Manual *FREE SHIPPING
  • AHA Instructor Fee
  • Basic Life Support Instructor Course Equipment Fee
  • AHA Training Site Fee
  • Registration and Processing Fee
  • Scheduling and Attendance Fee of Follow Up Observation Class

    Extra Money Teaching

    “I love teaching &
    the extra money!”

  • Training Site Fee for Class Required to be Monitored
  • AHA Wallet Instructor Card
  • Support Through Every Step – even after you become certified!

Get Certified and Start Earning Money!


Everything from Beginning to End is Included in this BLS Instructor Course!





NEW! 2 Payment Options

One-Time Payment of $397


Payment Plan: Three (3) Payments of $133
*Get Started Today for ONLY $133

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April 14 at 8am 1 Payment ($397) Register

April 14 at 8am 3 Payments ($133) Register



**RENEW CLASS ONLY: Register Here

If you already are a BLS Instructor and just need the April 14th @ 8am RENEW CLASS you can register now.




*PAYMENT PLAN*  After registration we will contact you about scheduling your next two payments. Yes, we work with you! Also, we will discuss the course materials and manuals that will be mailed to you via 1st Class US mail. We offer support every step of the way including after you become certified.


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Availability for the Basic Life Support Instructor Course in St. Louis, MO is limited. We purposely offer a payment plan in order to give everyone an opportunity to become certified regardless of monetary constraints.

Becoming a CPR instructor can be a very gratifying experience, as well as an opportunity to earn extra money. Also, teachers are always looked upon highly in our society which adds an extra bonus to being a certified BLS instructor with the American Heart Association.

Register Now and Take Advantage of this Opportunity To:

  • Earn Extra Money.
  • Increase Your Value to an Employer.
  • Start Your Own Business.
  • Earn Status in the Community.
  • Teach Others the Gift of How to Save a Life! 


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